Types Of Bows From The Sports Of Archery

Archery is becoming a sport that is increasingly favored by the community. Not a few people, both young and old, are involved in doing this sport that requires high focus. For beginners, especially those who really want to focus on cultivating archery, it’s good to know the equipment first, before starting, one of which is the ABSOLUTE SURVIV ALIST. Bows have several types, according to their function. Here are some of them, taken from various sources.

Long Bow
The longbow is a type of bow that is known to be the oldest. This bow is made of wood. The dimensions are quite long, approximately the same as the user’s height, usually reaching 2 meters. The dimensions of this long arc are intended so that the bow can be drawn until it reaches the user’s face. One variant of this bow, the English Long Bow, was widely used by the British in warfare before the bow’s function as a weapon was replaced by firearms. The draw weight of this bow can reach 160 lb or about 710 N.

Due to the shape of the branches, these bows usually narrow slightly at the handle to allow the bow to be properly held. One variant of the flat bow, namely AFB (American Flat Bow), became the basis for the development of the recurve bow used in the Olympic games.

Recurve Bow
The recurve bow is a type of bow that is used as a standard for international competitions. The recurve bow is characterized by a branch that curves away from the archer. This arc shape allows it to store the same power as a straight arc with a shorter arc length. With quality material and lightweight, and maximum curvature, it really helps to lighten the pull and speed that is much faster than the previous generation of bow types.

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