Instagram Captions Must Convince Audiences To Comment On Your Posts

One of the goals of presenting content on Instagram is to increase engagement. For that, we can do this by creating a caption that attracts the audience to want to comment on it. One way that brands can increase engagement is by replying to comments from the audience so that it can encourage discussion between them. In order for this method to work, what we can do is to end the caption by asking the followers so that they have a reason to want to respond to what is being said. Without a question, sometimes the audience just reads it and doesn’t want to get further involved. Aside from that, if you don’t have any more caption ideas, we suggest you see more captions here.

Besides asking questions, another way we can do is to invite followers to tag their friends who have the same interests. And these two things are powerful ways that can be done to increase engagement. In order to increase audience conversion to customers via Instagram, we can add a Call-to-Action (CTA) in the caption that we display. The most commonly used CTA in Instagram captions is “click our bio” or some of its variations.

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