Form Your Favorite Skateboard!

As a beginner, you are often faced with confusion in choosing a skateboard deck because there are many shapes and types. It’s good for beginners who have never used it at all, you can try your friend’s skateboard cruiser to find out affordable board which skateboard deck is the most suitable and comfortable for you. However, there are recommendations for beginner skateboarders to choose a conventional board form that makes it easier to understand and apply various types of basic tricks. This conventional board is characterized by a hollow between the nose and tail, which curves slightly to the side. With the characteristics of this skateboard deck, it will be easier to do skateboard tricks. For the hardness of the wheels, the softer the wheels are, the stronger the tread will be on the surface. For skateboards that slide on rough asphalt surfaces with lots of gravel or rock, choose wheels measuring 78a-87a. While skateboards that slide on a skatepark with many derivatives and steep curves with skateboard tricks, choose a wheel of size 95a-99a because the character of this wheel is quite hard and faster, but treads well on the surface.

Choosing a skateboard deck is the same as choosing other personal things. Not only prioritizing functions and features, but skateboard decks can also be personalized so that they become a creative arena. You can also design a skateboard with color design, pattern, or image that suits your taste. Not infrequently, this skateboard deck becomes a self-representation or reflects the personality of a skateboarder. No less important in buying a skateboard deck is to pay attention to the credibility and reputation of the skateboard shop. If you are still confused, you can visit Decathlon Indonesia which provides a skateboard deck and all your skateboarding equipment or needs. You can also get as much information as possible by asking Decathlon Indonesia employees when looking for the right product for you. No need to worry because the price is affordable with fun designs or motifs.

Skateboards come in various forms that can make beginners confused about choosing. However, if you’ve never used it at all, you can try out a friend’s skateboard first and over time you will find it easier to feel which skateboard is the best fit for you. With practice and getting used to using the right skateboard, you will understand which form of the skateboard is most comfortable to wear. For beginners, a conventional board form is recommended that makes it easy to understand and apply various types of basic tricks. Some beginner skaters find it easier to flip the board if there is an indentation between the nose and tail, which bends slightly to the side. They are easier to do tricks with the characteristics of such aboard.

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