You Must Know This Before Buying PVC Car Mats

Many people are looking for PVC car rugs, also known as “noodle mats”. It is called that because the polyvinyl chloride car mat has a shape similar to noodles. The noodle car mat is starting to be sought after because it has several advantages. One of them is its good gripping ability. So that the car does not become slippery. PVC car mat also has a flexible texture, making it easy to follow the contours of the car cabin floor. In addition, PVC car mats are also believed to be more hygienic, because some noodle mat products have antibacterial technology that prevents mold from growing on the mat surface. This type of PVC car mat is arguably very easy to care for. If a drink spills on the mat, you only need to shake it off or leave it in the sun for a short time. Furthermore, you can visit if you only want to buy environmentally-friendly car mats.

In order not to buy the wrong one, you should consider our tips before buying a PVC type car mat:

Avoid mats with Strong Smells

Give up the desire to buy a car mat, if you smell the pungent plastic smell from the noodle mat. You can be sure that car rugs made of stinging material are made from recycled plastic waste materials. How to check it is easy, the color looks dull and the smell is very strong. Quality PVC noodle rugs or car rugs usually do not contain volatile chemicals and are odorless.

Ensure It’s Made of Genuine PVC

One easy way to check the authenticity of the PVC material from a noodle mat is through the noodle thread. Car rugs made of genuine PVC threaded noodles are not easily broken. Because the original PVC mat is not easily bald or it has a long durability

Pay attention to the price

One of the easiest ways to check for authenticity PVC car rugs is through price. Because you could say a quality noodle mat has a fairly expensive price.

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